English Resume

Walter Rippel was born in Buenos Aires in 1971. He is an international Casting Director with over 15 years of experience in film, TV and advertising.

He has scouted talent for Latin America’s internationally acclaimed movies, “Motorcycle Diaries” (Oscar for Adapted Screenplay, 2004) “Son of the Bride” (Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film, 2001), and “The Secret in Their Eyes” (Oscar for Best Foreign Film, 2009).

Francis Ford Coppola hired him for his personal project, American Zoetrope’s movie Tetro, shot in Buenos Aires, Patagonia and Spain.

He has carried out searches for “Quantum of Solace” (James Bond series, 2008), and Chronicles of Narnia (Adam Adamson, 2009).

In TV, he has worked in over 90 commercials, including a famous series of 38 spots for Telecom Argentina featuring a delirious family of puppet llamas that made funny telephone calls all over the country.

In 2005 he co-founded the Casting Department at Pol-ka Producciones, one of the leading entertainment groups in Argentina. Internationally, he has worked for Disney Company, HBO, TV Globo and Univision (“Desperate Housewives”).

He co-wrote the screenplay “Monkey Paradise” (2013), to be produced in France by Electrick Films in the summer 2015 and the short “Inside Doors” (Best short film at Mar del Plata Film Festival 2007).

Rippel is a Film graduate from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and he was a Fellow of the Actor’s Studio by the School of Visual Arts (NY) in 1993 and 1994. He is the only Latin American member of the International Casting Directors Network, based in Berlin, Germany.

For contact: castingr@gmail.com